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Curiosity + Art

Sunday (11 am est – 2 pm est)
9/27/2020 - 11/1/2020

     In this six-week Zoom class run by freelance instructor Hanna Sosin, students will reframe their artistic process to create more personally fulfilling and visually impactful artwork. Each week students will develop their artistic voice through lectures, workbook activities, project creation, and discussion. Topics covered will include developing a question focused process, the philosophy behind value and color studies, as well as how to work with and around art fatigue.


Due to its individual focus, this class is limited to 8 students. 

All painting and drawing media are welcome

Intermediate - Advanced

There are 3 different price points for this class depending on what you are able to pay:

$120 for six 3-hour sessions


$180 for six 3-hour sessions


$240 for six 3-hour sessions

The pricing for this class is made to support the artistic growth of as wide a range of artists as possible. If you are financially able to pay more, please consider doing so. 

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